Temple Run 

Temple Run Mod:  Is a famous adventure entertainment game on the Android platform. Temple Run was born as an atomic bomb in the global game market. Experience Temple Run, you will be lost in a mysterious tropical forest, where countless dangers are hidden, lurking waiting for you. Run away from the ghouls, collect a lot of items and get a lot of points.

At the beginning of Temple Run, you are stepped out of a gate, it looks like a portal to hell on earth. An ape with a large body chasing you, control the character by simple operations such as gliding right, left, jumping up or lying down. The game takes place continuously with your escape screen, the endless journey will overcome all terrain including that secret forest. Stay calm for spectacular escapes.

You are like an athlete who runs tirelessly. There will be countless difficulties along the way, fire, water, wild animals, obstacles or even abysses. At the same time, there will be many items on the run, collect them as much as possible, but don’t forget to dodge all the obstacles.

Having the unexpected success today, in addition to the new gameplay, Temple Run is highly appreciated for its graphic design. Everything is beautifully designed, the 3D graphics make them more realistic than ever. Download Temple Run now to enjoy its essence.

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