Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is an endless runner game that is no stranger to many lovers of the endless runner game genre. Are you ready, let’s go with Jake, Fresh and Tricky to run away from the police chasing behind on this fascinating train track and find out what’s interesting about the Subway Surfers mod apk version .

Introduction and Subway Surfers

Surely there is no need to say too much about Subway Surfers, this is the game rated by gamers as the most successful endless running game ever. If you have ever played through the game Temple Run 2, you can immediately think of this game. But is worth more because of the great features along with extremely impressive graphics. These will be experiences that are hard for anyone who has ever played Subway Surfers to forget.

Fascinating plot

This is a game with a pretty interesting plot, one day, the naughty Jack was excited to paint Graffiti on the train, this is an incorrect mischief of a child and also unlucky. for this guy when he encountered a very aggressive Inspector, discovered and chased him. With a club in hand, determined to chase to catch this boy. And also from here the chase takes place.

Game Rules of Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers in particular and Endless games in general all have very simple rules, you just need to run and run. Run fast and non-stop along the train tracks to move forward, must avoid obstacles on the road and even oncoming trains by controlling Jake to jump, roll or run away beside.

Maybe with these simple operations you will think that this is a game without depth and not attractive. But actually it has a very formidable attraction that anyone who has played Subway Surfers once will want to play forever, the more you play, the more you like it. Because when you get caught, the game over, you don’t want to be caught anymore, you have to correct the mistake just now, this is the invisible attraction of this game.

The longer you play the game, the faster the speed will be, it will make it more difficult for you to overcome obstacles. Practice your reflexes, your ability to handle situations, this is how you can pass the game easily. If you set your own record, the system will save it, you can also follow to be able to surpass your friends’ records to become the best player.

So the product in the game

In the game, there are many attractive items that will help your character overcome the challenges easily:

  • Consider magnet : This item is a magnet that helps you attract all the money around without having to pick up each coin.
  • Jetpack : This item supports Jake to fly high for a period of time to collect coins in the air, and also helps Jake not to encounter any obstacles.
  • Sneakers : Helps you run faster, jump higher.
  • Multiplier : helps you increase more points.
  • Skateboard : Within 30 seconds when you use this item you will not stumble, not collide with obstacles and help you move more smoothly.

To upgrade the effect of the above items, you can use the coins you earn. On the way, don’t miss the secret chests, these are huge sums of money or keys.

Characters in the game

Temple with Subway Surfers, you will be playing with the first character that is Jake, if you want to get other characters, you need to earn a lot of coins to be able to unlock the character. There are also some characters that are not unlocked with coins, but you have to collect mysterious chests to unlock these characters. Especially you do not need to unlock, do not need to earn chests, just log in with your facebook account and you will immediately have a free funny Dino dinosaur character and an additional amount of money. With new characters, it will definitely entertain you a lot more.

Travel and experience

Playing the game Subway Surfers you will experience extremely impressive game graphics, with an impressive and beautiful 3D design that is very realistic. After each update, you will come to new cities, new characters and new game settings. From here, you can also experience many scenes and cultures of different countries around the world.

What does the Mod version have?

Although this is a game that is completely free to play, there is still a Mod apk version born. So where is the reason? Although the game play is quite simple, but when you play for a long time you will find quite a lot of difficult challenges for you. To help players overcome the challenges easily, reduce the difficulty, the Subway Surfers mod apk version was born.

Features Mod

  • Unlimited Money : When playing the Subway Surfers Hack, you will be able to use unlimited gold coins and unlimited keys. Buy it and use it your way.

Download Subway Surfers Hack for Android phones

Subway Surfers is an endless running game that is attracting a large number of players around the world. You can play Subway Surfers game on both iOS, Android, Windows phone operating systems. But with this version of Subway Surfers mod apk, it currently only supports the Android operating system, download now Subway Surfers mod apk to experience this fascinating game right away.

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