My Talking Angela

Are you a girl or simply someone who likes to have a cat? Or maybe you’re bored with Tom. My Talking Angela with old gameplay but new style. 500 million downloads with publisher Outfit 7 Limited with Tom. An impressive number for this very feminine version.

About My Talking Angela.

You love cats but can’t take care of one yourself or simply want to have fun with a very cute and smart virtual cat, then download this My Talking Angela mod apk now because it’s for you. there. Believe me, the experience of raising a 3d virtual cat is equally fun.

My Talking Angela is back with a very feminine body and style, maybe this is Tom’s lover :)). Just kidding, it seems that the publisher wants to diversify more players. Now you don’t like hitting Angela the cat anymore, who would hit such a cute cat? unless you’re 9 years old and can read this. 

Old style new gameplay.

An improvement in gameplay and game experience with Angela’s cat, the image and sound are both modernized. If you have tried the part two My Talking Tom and think that My Talking Angela is nothing too different, download it now, it will definitely make you not disappointed. Familiar but unfamiliar. 

In the game owns a currency called “Coins” used to buy furniture, clothes and important food for her, Angela eats a lot. Instructions on how to earn are in the section below or just download the very simple and free My Talking Angela mod.

To earn this kind of money to shop for the cat you can participate in different mini games. My Talking Angela has 12 mini games such as: Unicorns, Balloon Splash, Happy Connect, Connect,…

The gameplay is very simple, your main job is to take care of Angela by feeding, bathing, massaging, going to the toilet when…you know what the cat wants. Be careful not to let Angela get hungry or dirty. You can touch her cat parts to poke her. 

 “Angela eats a lot, but it’s still slim.”

Before you close the game let Angela go to sleep. Otherwise, when you are free and want to play Angela for a long time, you can’t because she is too tired, and you have to wait for her to sleep for a while. Or instead of sleeping, you can buy a diamond potion that helps Angela recover 100% of her health immediately. I recommend saving you Angela by going to bed, unless you have already downloaded our mod.

Take care of Angela like a real cat

The features of eating, bathing, makeup, are quite detailed, the images of the surroundings are small, colorful and cute. Take care of foster care, wait and watch your cat grow up. From a cute little girl to a charming adult. 

Her costumes from childhood to adulthood are extremely diverse in quantity and design. Feel free to style Angela. 

The above article is the experience of some individuals, if there are shortcomings or interesting ideas, do not forget to comment below. Thanks for reading!

Graphics and sound

Graphics My Talking Angela has developed much more than part 1. Modernization and cuteness bring the game closer to people of all ages. Especially the female ones. 

Fps (frames per second) is what My Talking Angela does quite well, feeling extremely alive as if she were alive. 

Angela has very cute meows when being petted along with the sad expression of her cat that appears when not being cared for by you. The most impressive is her witty voice when imitating the sentences you say, extremely fun you can do that all day.

The music still has the same playful features as part 1. The diverse sound is detailed, lively and suitable for many situations, objects and events. In terms of sound, the designer has worked very hard to ensure the entertainment of the game.

Features of My Talking Angela mod apk

To own a quality living environment for Angela. You need to plow through the mini games for quite a long time. Instead of wasting time or paying the publisher, you can download the mod. It will help you own the best things in the game without too much time

In this My Talking Angela mod apk version, I allow you to own almost everything in the game. Now there is no time to earn money to feed Angela, you just have to entertain Angela in your spare time. Enjoy shopping with Angela the cat!

  • Unlimited Money

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