Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution is a simulation game for you to transform into the hegemon of the ocean to eat people and everything you want. You are a big shark that hunts and eats all the animals that are smaller than you, but around you there are many larger species that are ready to eat you if you just take a second to let your guard down. If you want to explore the mysterious vast ocean, then join the Hungry Shark Hack game now. 

This game is published by Ubisoft publisher on both ios and android operating systems. The game is completely free, so it receives a lot of love from players. The download of this game has reached more than 1 million times on google play.

About Hungry Shark Evolution game

This is a game of hunting style, in the game you are in control of yourself, can eat whatever food you like, just stop until you are no longer healthy enough when you get back to the zero line. 

If you pass all 10 levels, this time you can proudly rise to the surface to claim the position of ocean hegemony. When you are young, work hard to find small fish to grow up quickly and increase strength. 

If anyone has played Feeding Frenzy, you will notice that the gameplay is quite similar to the Hungry Shark Evolution version. Simple control through the virtual keyboard to move the fish or just swipe the screen to speed up the fish. 

Graphics, sound

Hungry Shark Evolution is not only appreciated for its good gameplay, the game is also meticulously cared for by Ubisoft from image to sound. Extremely excellent 3D images combined with a vivid sound system help you have a unique experience like being on the bottom of the ocean. 

Unlock more Sharks and Fintastic

Each shark has a key to unlock the secrets within. Do not forget to exploit them to make your character stronger and overcome challenges.

In addition, Gold Rush also has the ability to enhance you to become a super strong shark, no one can attack when you are hunting anymore. Do not forget to buy yourself useful accessories for hunting such as Lasers, Jetpacks and Top Hats.

Diverse types of sharks to hunt

You will not be able to imagine the shark species that seem to be no longer in the world, but they all appear in Hungry Shark Evolution. The deeper you play, the more special types of sharks appear for you to discover. 

Initially will be Reef Shark sharks with modest physique for you to get used to training. Later on, species with large appearance will appear such as: Mako Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Tiger Shark and Great White Shark. The bigger the shark, the more likely it is to hunt at the top. They give you more points and more money. Each unlocked shark species will be upgraded with more acceleration, improved bait-biting skills…

In each game, if you reach 500,000 points, you will be opened to a new sea where more fearsome sharks will appear. You will have the opportunity to fight the legendary Megalodon. There are also many other types of fish that have their own interesting abilities such as Electro Shark as the name has the ability to emit electricity, Iced Shark that can freeze an entire sea, or Robot Shark that can shoot torpedoes from its mouth. 

Even if you are a hungry belly shark that wants to eat the ocean, don’t eat it indiscriminately because there are still some types that are harmful to you. Stay away from the torpedoes floating in the middle of the sea, if you touch them, they will be quite seriously injured. Jellyfish or stingrays are also species that make you lose energy, the amount of blood will be significantly reduced. 

At the bottom of the ocean, there is a king of crabs waiting for you to discover. Look for the secret messages inside the shells at the cliff. They give you tasks that, if completed, you will receive countless gold coins and other rewards. 

What does the MOD version have?

Currently Hungry Shark Evolution unlimited money, gems have versions for android line. Gamers using this operating system will have many great experiences. 

Update new features in Hungry Shark Evolution
– Events are held weekly with many attractive rewards.

– There are more volcanoes in Minilevel, tropical paradise appears many interesting things.

– Miniboss Seal Mum.

Download game Hungry Shark Evolution Mod for android

If you want to dominate the ocean, you need to learn how to move correctly, aim to bite your prey properly to get enough food to recharge. Be very focused to complete the tasks in the game set out.

Your fish is a glutton, his stomach always needs to be filled with food, you search for him smaller fish species, fish even eat humans. 

The game is extremely easy, just download Hungry Shark Evolution apk and play it right away, no need to install anything. Are you ready for the deep ocean challenge? Get started now!

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