Free Fire

If you are looking for a survival shooting style game, then come to Garena Free Fire right away. A game with a gameplay similar to Pubg, but with much more interesting points.

A survival shooting war where you will have no teammates. You must fight alone and win or die. Let’s learn together about Garena Free Fire game and its mod version. 

About Garena Free Fire Game

Garena Free Fire, also known as Free Fire for short, is a survival fighting game published by Garena International Private Limited. At the start, you (the Player) will be randomly paired with 29 other people and dropped by helicopter on a wild island. 

What you have to do immediately is start collecting the necessary equipment, from guns, ammo, items, backpacks, food… These will help you survive as well as fight the enemy. 

The first time will be very quiet, so you have to gather many things to prepare for battle. Later on, the opponents will get closer to each other, you are forced to fight. Always remember one motto: Kill or be killed, shoot or be shot”, because this is a fierce, uncompromising battlefield. 

If you’re thinking, just sit back and wait for the other competitors to fight and I’ll sit back and still win.

But no, the opponent will not let you sit still, an opponent will come to you right away and kill you. Therefore, you need good skills, move wisely, both avoid enemies, and shoot enemies with high-damage weapons to be able to win this game. 

To be able to win, you must be the last person on that map. This is not only an extremely attractive gunfight game, but it also allows players to explore an island with clearly depicted details from the airport, warehouse, and farm. 

Diverse game modes

With the desire for players to have the most wonderful experience with this shooting game. The game publisher has created many game modes for players to choose from. With the Free Fire Hack version, there are up to 8 game modes for players to choose from as follows: 

Rank match

With this game mode, players will receive a rank system and gifts. The player will initially have a Bronze Rank of 1, when leveling up, they will receive gifts, gifts can be gold or badges, when you receive gold or higher rank, you can exchange them for gifts. 

Normal mode

When participating in this mode, players will have 3 arenas that the system will randomly let you play: desert island, paradise island and military island. 

Speed ​​Battle Mode

You will play with a smaller circle and have a maximum of 20 players. In this mode you can only pick up purple items, ie LV3 items. 

Death Battle Mode

You will be playing in a small area of ​​a military island or a desert island, you will start by going to buy equipment such as guns, ammo, armor.

There are a total of 7 rounds for you to fight, the team that wins 4 rounds first, that team will win. You should note one point that the circle of this game mode always tends to narrow until another team wins, then stop and move on to the next area, so it’s quite attractive. player. 

Capture mode

With this mode, two teams will be able to fight, find and capture the base. The team that gets 100 points first wins the game. 

Equipment system in the game Free Fire

Coming to this game, you will experience the “goods” from the most popular to the most terrible of the shooting game series. From pistols: AWM, Kar98k, heavy duty guns that can’t be ignored are: S686, S1897.. Some popular guns that shooter players are familiar with: M4A1, AKM, in addition, there are other guns. Quite a few other guns are waiting for you to discover. 

Extremely impressive 3D graphics

Coming to the Free Fire Hack, you will experience impressive 3D imaging technology. From characters, maps, guns or effects, attention is paid to every detail, making the game more perfect than ever. Despite having top-notch visual technology, the game runs quite smoothly on all platforms, including older models. 

Mod version

Features MOD

  • Increased firing range.
  • No smoke while firing.
  • And the ability to self-aim for you to easily manipulate. 

Download Free Fire MOD game for android now!

With great fun things like I said above, surely Hack ff version will give you a great experience when experiencing this game.

With the mod version, it will definitely give you a better experience than ever, you can download the mod version using the link in this article, wish you a happy game. 

  • How to download Mod skin ff version.
  • First you must download the APK and OBB file of this game.
  • Extract the OBB file.
  • Open the downloaded APK file and install it.
  • Then you can play the game normally.

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