8 Ball Pool

If Billiards is a series of games of skill usually played with a cue used to apply force to billiard balls, moving them around a cloth-covered pool table surrounded by high cushions. su then 8 Ball Pool Mod is similar. 

Introducing 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is the number one Android billiards game in the world today. Instead of before, the players who wanted to play Pool had to go to the shop to play with sticks and stand for an hour with tired feet walking around and around the table, today the game publisher Miniclip.com has captured and released it. a super product on mobile phones called 8 Ball Pool. This game simulates a very realistic and highly realistic billiard game.

This game requires players not only to have skill but also to have flair to hit the ball into the hole correctly.

With the premise that this sport originated in France in the 14th century, and it requires a lot of professional skills as well as ingenuity and meticulousness to become a winner.

Billiards is becoming more and more popular in many countries, and now it is one of the familiar pastimes of many people not only in the world but also in Vietnam, which is also loved by many young people.

Gameplay and game rules

The gameplay of 8 Ball Pool is quite simple. It is using your fingers to adjust the direction of the club while pulling the force gauge so that the cue ball pushes other balls into the hole. The longer you pull the stick (up to 30 seconds), the stronger the force of pushing the ball will be.

The rules of 8 Ball Pool mod are no different from other 8 ball pool games. On the table are 15 numbered balls, the player’s task is to push all the balls into the hole (the ball is hit). numbers from 1 to 7 and from 9 to 15) such that the number 8 ball is pushed last. The person who gets the last number 8 is the winner.

Game mode

When you start logging into the game, you will be familiar with Play 1 on 1 mode with a small amount of coins to bet.

And don’t make the mistake of thinking that when you’re a rookie, game 1 will be simple, for Hack 8 Ball Pool it’s not easy, accept losing on the first try (because your opponents are from all over the world). The world is not only Vietnam), after getting acquainted and mastering the strength of hands to play billiards skillfully, winning for you is extremely simple.

When you win and gain enough experience, you will be leveled up, if you lose, your accumulated points will also be reduced, try to promote your ingenuity and patience to defeat the enemy and increase your points. Accumulated so that when you reach level 4, it will open you up to other, more attractive, more stressful game modes, which is the 8-player Tournament mode.

This is a longer fight, when you don’t fight 1vs1 anymore but have to play with the remaining 7 people. Winning all through each round will be recognized as the winner.

However, in this tournament there is not any damage to your achievement points whether you win or lose so it is easier to breathe. Improve your billiards shooting skills by learning how your opponent plays, each time you fail, you will have your own lesson.

Sound graphics

8 Ball Pool is a pool game for mobile phones and tablets.

8 Ball Pool Mod runs on a 2D graphics platform, although it is not too prominent compared to other game graphic designs, but it also gives players a really good experience.

With the effects when hitting the ball down the hole is really very vivid like in real life. The physical effects, the motion effects of billiards are also very special and accurate.

Besides, it is impossible not to mention the sound mode. The sound of hitting the marbles, the sound of marbles falling into the hole, or the sound of marbles hitting each other also increase the appeal of the game. Although it is in the virtual world, 8 Ball Pool gives us extremely realistic experiences.

Overall, 8 Ball Pool deserves a playground for those who love billiards. Accumulating and cultivating your ability to play billiards to apply in practice, in addition to connecting players around the world, you will learn how to play from your opponent easily. It is also more convenient to develop Billiards skills from there.

Version of 8 Ball Pool Mod

Long Lines (long lines). 8 Ball Pool Mod is an upgraded version compared to the regular version. You will have a long line that makes it easier and more precise to poke the billiards into the hole.

Play carefully to avoid the ban! (8 Ball Pool is an online game, you should play it carefully to avoid being out by the system).

MOD version features

  • Fast, fun and completely free
  • Beautiful, realistic graphic design, realistic feeling
  • Can play connect and challenge with everyone in the world
  • Feel free to chat with the in-game chat board
  • Play with friends, form a team to challenge talent
  • The game has many mods for players to choose from: 8 balls, 9 balls or card billiards
  • Easily log in and connect to your Facebook, Zingme, Google+ accounts
  • Stable connection, easy to control
  • Free Gifts and Gold every day
  • Level up mechanism to open more new content

Download the latest 8 Ball Pool Full Money

8 Ball Pool mod is a “must have” game on your phone and tablet if you are a fan of the sport of billiards and you want to improve your billiards in real life. Then join the world’s largest billiards community, compete and become an excellent player by downloading the link below. Surely the 8 Ball Pool 2022 version will not disappoint you.

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